Keynote Honors Real LCCAA Heroes

posted 8/24/21 -- All LCCAA employees were able to hear from keynote speaker Charles Marshall who offered his unique take on what makes someone a hero.

“Real heroes are people who invest their time, their talent, their passion into helping their community,” he said. “Your job is an impacting people job. The reason this organization exists is to help people. You are changing lives.”

Specifically, Marshall discussed the four traits of a hero:

1. Heroes own their choices. They stand by their decisions and don’t let other people determine their reactions. They realize they always have a choice.

2. Heroes engage with their minds. They are always learning and growing and are open to being proven wrong. They are in charge of their own programming.

3. Heroes leap into action. They step up and initiate things. They know things are going to happen and they jump in to deal with them.

4. Heroes invest in other people. They serve each other and support one another.

Charles Marshall has more than 20 years of experience speaking to audiences all over the United States. His animated delivery and original observations have captivated thousands of audiences over the past two decades, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about Charles Marshall by clicking here.