Head Start Sites Ohio Healthy Programs

posted 7/1/21 -- Four of LCCAA Head Start’s directly operated sites have been designated Ohio Healthy Programs.

Hopkins-Locke, Griswold, Cascade and LaGrange received the designation from the Ohio Department of Health through the Ohio Child Care Resource Association (OCCRA).

The overall goal of OHP is to deliver consistent messaging to adults who care for children ages 0 to 5 years to prevent obesity in early childhood and reduce risk of physical and mental health problems in childhood and adulthood. This is done through encouraging healthy eating and physical activity, and modifying screen time behaviors. Steps towards this designation include: attending professional development which uses the Healthy Children, Healthy Curriculum; implementing a wellness policy; improving menus and engaging families.

“Thanks to the managers for completing all the paperwork, training, and providing insight and feedback,” said Family, Health and Community Services Specialist Stefanie Drew.

She specifically thanked Health and Nutrition Manager Rebecca Rodriguez, Professional Development Specialist LouAnn Rhoades, Food Service Supervisor Melinda Gray and Family Services Supervisor Deanna Gregg.