Couponing Doesn't Have to be Extreme

posted 4/19/21 -- Couponing doesn’t have to be extreme to translate to big savings.

Rachel Krych of Couponing with Rachel spoke to Head Start parents earlier this year providing some tips and tricks for saving money right from your smart phone.

“A lot more coupons are on your phone now – you don’t have to buy a newspaper,” she said.

She encouraged families to look for apps and deals where they shop most often. Grocery rewards cards can often be loaded with digital coupons and many restaurants offer daily deals in their apps.

These apps will also track points if the company uses them and you can save money with very little effort, she said.

Some store apps will also allow users to scan barcodes in the store and help you find coupons. They may also suggest similar products that cost less or do have a coupon.

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