Eddie Henson Joins LCCAA Board

posted 10/8/20 -- LCCAA welcomed Eddie Henson to its Board of Directors this summer and he brings a unique perspective on empowerment through education.

Henson fills the seat recently vacated by Paul Biber and is the designee for the City of Lorain serving in the public sector of the three-part board.

An academic advisor for Lorain County Community College, he has lived in Lorain for 16 years. Growing up in Sheffield Lake, Henson is grateful for strong role models in his parents, older sister and many teachers, mentors and friends.

In his 18 years at LCCC, he spent 10 serving as LCCAA Head Start teacher’s primary academic advisor.

“I understand the important role they plan in the development of children,” Henson said. “Education is important to me and I have witnessed and experienced how education can empower a person to obtain incredible achievements.”

LCCAA’s Board of Directors includes 15 individuals with equal representation from three sectors: the public sector (usually elected officials or their designees), the private sector (usually business leaders) and the low-income sector (low-income individuals or representatives of other agencies that serve them.