Early Head Start Will Be Home Based for 2020-2021

posted 7/19/20 -- LCCAA’s Early Head Start program will be offered only as a home-based program for the upcoming school year.

“We believe it is best for all of our infants and toddlers to not bring them into our centers while we are still facing the uncertainty of COVID-19,” said Head Start Director Shauna Matelski, Ed.D.

Currently, staff are conducting virtual home visits and providing learning activities electronically or over the phone. Staff will return to in home visits when then can be done safely, Dr. Matelski said.

The home-based option will allow staff to build stronger relationships and provide more intensive, individualized services for families, she added. Monthly socializations will be held at the centers when it is safe to do so.

Families already enrolled in Early Head Start will be contacted by LCCAA staff. Staff stand ready to assist with this and any other transitions families are facing in this environment.

“We want to thank all our families for their patience in enduring this difficult time and for their cheerful participation in our virtual activities to stay connected,” Dr. Matelski said. “They are the reason Head Start Works!”

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