Admin Staff Return to Work, Building Still Closed to Public

posted 5/29/20 -- With the lifting of COVID-19 related restrictions and new guidelines in place, LCCAA will return administrative and management staff to the office starting this week. Some employees will rotate office hours and partially continue remote work. The building at 936 Broadway Ave. in Lorain remains closed to the public.

“We never closed,” said President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein. “Most of the staff worked remotely with essential staff reporting to the building daily."

Staff members will work in staggered groups with time in between groups for deep cleaning of common areas.

“We are in the process of having additional cubicle barriers installed at our administrative offices and in our centers,” said Human Resources Director Carla Rodriguez. “Right now, adjacent cubicles will not be occupied at the same time so our employees will feel safe

Staff members are required to take their temperatures and assess their symptoms before coming to the building and are also required to enter the building through a specific door while wearing face coverings.

All staff members will report to Human Resources for a second temperature and symptom check before beginning their shifts. Staff members are required to wear face coverings and social distance in common areas such as conference rooms. Restrooms are limited to one person at a time and all common equipment (copiers, etc.) must be cleaned after each use.

When not in the office, staff will work remotely. If they have symptoms or are running a fever, they will discuss with their supervisor whether they feel well-enough to work from home. All staff have been required to participate in a remote training on these new measures.

“We are more aware now than ever how reliant we are on each other to stay safe,” Rodriguez said. “Controlling the spread of COVID-19 will allow us to continue to serve the community.”

Utility assistance advocates will continue to serve clients by working remotely. Satellite utility help offices will remain closed for summer. A drop box remains in place at 936 Broadway Ave., Lorain for documents needed for these programs. All appointments are being conducted by phone and can be scheduled either by calling 855-806-9620 or visiting

The Head Start program year ended on May 15. In the short-term, staffing at centers will be limited. Centers will remain closed to the public for the month of June. The LCCAA Bike Shop is open by appointment set with Bobby Taylor who can be reached at Enrollment in the Agency’s new virtual Getting Ahead program is open. Contact Amy Steele at

“Returning to full in-office staffing has taken great planning for everyone’s safety,” Boehnlein said. “We won’t be gathering around the coffee pot, but our new safety measures allow us to finally get back together.”

All other inquiries should be made by phone or email. Call 440-245-2009 or toll free 888-245-2009 or email Information is also available on our website at