Teachers Report Success with Conscious Discipline

posted 5/20/20 -- LCCAA Head Start classrooms have embraced the use of a social/emotional classroom management program that empowers not only the teachers, but also the students.

Conscious Discipline is based on the idea that a strong connection must first be established with a child before an adult can teach needed skills.

Teachers throughout LCCAA are forming and strengthening connections through the use of classroom tools such as:

● Feeling Buddies

● Job Charts

● Morning Greeters

● “Wish you Well” song and board

● “School Family” terminology

● Activities to breathe

● Kindness charts

● “I Love You” Rituals

● Creating a safe place in the classroom

● Visual schedule

Hopefully you have seen some of the Conscious Discipline components in action or heard about them from your child. Conscious Discipline has also been a topic at Parent Meetings, with techniques being explained and practiced.

Once the connection is made, the teacher will have better success in coaching children through new skills by introducing logical consequences. The end result is children who learn to work through their problems and big emotions without the misbehavior that can accompany those things.

Each Head Start site has been equipped with a Conscious Discipline parenting curriculum as well.

Many Conscious Discipline resources are free during the COVID-19 Crisis. Visit their website to learn more.