This Summer Wear Sunscreen, Drink Water

posted 5/16/20 -- Young children are more vulnerable than adults in the summer heat.

Sunblock should be applied about 30 minutes before going outside so it has time to be absorbed so it can do its job! Children’s skin is thinner so it gets sunburned easier.

Using sunblock now will protect skin even into adulthood. Spray on sunscreen is dangerous if it is inhaled accidently, so lotion is safer for kids.

Drinking enough fluids protects a child’s insides, just as sunblock protects the outside. Sometimes kids get busy playing and need to be reminded to drink fluids, so it is important to have water available all day.

Warning signs of dehydration in a child include cracked lips, no tears when crying, low energy, and infrequent urination.

Be safe this summer by taking these simple precautions and you can play all day without worry.