LCCAA Thanks Paul Biber

posted 2/6/20 -- LCCAA’s Board of Directors thanked retiring member Paul Biber as part of its annual meeting at the end of 2019.

Biber was originally appointed in 2015 as the designee of then Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer. He completed his term, representing the public sector, in December 2019.

“We are especially appreciative of how you shared your experience and knowledge of educational systems, community organizing and labor relations,” Board Chair Gerald Pippens wrote in thanks. “You routinely challenged us to be better and, thus, made us better.”

“Paul joined the board at a turning point,” added President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein. “We value his wise counsel and patient advice and will miss his leadership, hard work and commitment.”

The LCCAA Board of Trustees must, by law, consist of equal representation from three different sectors: Public, elected officials or those they designate as in Biber’s case; Private, usually business leaders or entrepreneurs; and Low-Income, people living in poverty or those who serve them. A replacement for Biber will be announced soon, Boehnlein said.