Manager Earns Master's Degree

posted 1/11/20 -- LCCAA Head Start Health and Nutrition Manager Rebecca Rodriguez has earned her master’s degree.

Rodriguez oversees all meals and snacks served to Head Start students and ensures both quality and correct nutrition. She also oversees the many health screenings provided to Head Start students such as vision checks, hearing checks and blood tests.

Under her tenure, LCCAA Head Start has offered grant-funded “Try Days” to expose children to new foods. The kitchen has also transitioned to making more things from scratch, especially seasonings and ranch dressing. Making their own allows the staff to control the salt and sugar as well as eliminating artificial ingredients often found in commercial products.

“She facilitates the Health Services Advisory Committee and works closely with various community partners to coordinate services to the children and families of Lorain County,” said Stefanie Drew, Family, Health and Community Services Specialist.

“Becky’s attention to detail and her systems approach to services have created a foundation for high quality and efficiency. Her contributions to the organization have resulted in standardized operating procedures, new programming and statewide connections.”

A certified medical assistant, Rodriguez has been a Manager at LCCAA Head Start since 2012. Her master’s degree in Public Administration was awarded by Ohio University Dec. 19.