Head Start Outcomes Report Released

posted 7/22/19 -- Lorain County Community Action Agency today released outcomes data on the 2018-19 school year in its Head Start program.

The data focuses on developmental milestones used by early childhood professionals to know what children should know and be able to do at specific ages. LCCAA Head Start conducts assessments of each child as soon as they enroll and again at the end of the year.

"We are federally funded, so it's important to share this data with our stakeholders," said Shauna Matelski, Ed.D., Director of Head Start. "It's important to our families to make sure that our children are transitioning into kindergarten and have a smooth transition."

Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive child development program focused on preparing children for Kindergarten and serving the needs of families. Health and nutrition are large components of the program with services ranging from daily lunches to dental screenings. Children are also monitored for any signs of developmental delays or disabilities and referred as needed.

"Almost 90 percent of a child's brain is developed from birth to kindergarten entry," said Jennifer Bartlebaugh, Education and Disabilities Specialist. "So the majority of that learning and knowledge occurs during those early years."

By the end of the year, Head Start children have met or exceeded expectations for 4- and 5- year-olds on skills such as being ready to read, controlling their emotions, sorting shapes, and processing abstract thoughts in such activities as playing make believe.

Parental involvement is a key component of Head Start with several parents serving on the decision making Policy Council. Serving on the council provides parents with an opportunity to learn leadership and organizational skills and to make an impact further than their own child.

Lorain County Community Action Agency is the only provider of Head Start in Lorain County. LCCAA has been involved in Head Start in Lorain County since its inception in 1965.

Head Start and Early Head Start serve low-income children ages birth to 5 and pregnant women. Head Start families live at or below 130 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. Families receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) are automatically eligible. Homeless children and children in foster care are also automatically eligible. LCCAA serves children with disabilities.

Click here to view and download the complete report.

Enrollment is now open for fall. Contact LCCAA at 440-245-2009 or click here to enroll online.