Staff Member Earns Master's Degree

posted 5/21/19 -- Congratulations to Christa Battle on earning her master's degree this month!

Christa is a Family Service Worker at Hopkins-Locke Head Start. She earned her master's in education at Kent State University with a concentration in school counseling.

"My family had a huge impact on my decision to become an educator," said Christa, an LCCAA employee since 2014.

"My father was an OWE teacher at Elyria West and an assistant principal at the Lorain County JVS. My mom always made sure I completed all my school work and taught me patience. My parents taught me to prompt, prepared, positive and polite."

The Kent State program is nationally accredited and required 600 internship hours. Christa completed 658 hours at Elyria High School.

"I feel students just need someone who will listen to them," she said. "Also just greeting the student before and after school may be the only positive thing an adult will say to them for that day."

Christa completed her degree over the last four years driving to Kent State in all kinds of weather and exercising plenty of patience.

"I am extremely happy that I completed my degree," she said. "I cannot wait for the next chapter to start."

Congratulations, Christa!