Head Start Students Visit Kindergarten

posted 4/19/19 -- Head Start students at Hopkins-Locke recently enjoyed a field trip to the Lorain Bilingual Academy (LBA) to preview one of their upcoming learning experiences: kindergarten.

"Entering kindergarten can be an overwhelming experience for children," said Akeea Hodges, Site Administrator for Hopkins-Locke Head Start. "We opted to participate in this field trip so we could better prepare our students who are headed to kindergarten."

While not all Hopkins-Locke students will attend LBA, they were able to participate in staff-planned activities and explore the gym, cafeteria, restrooms and classrooms.

Head Start is a federally-funded comprehensive child development program which prepares young learners for kindergarten success.

LCCAA Head Start is actively enrolling for fall 2019. Learn more by clicking here.

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