Is Your Refrigerator Running...Efficiently?

posted 1/2/19 -- LCCAA has openings in its Community Connections Program. If you have an inefficient refrigerator or freezer, this program can help bring your utility bills down by replacing it.

To be eligible, clients must reside in Lorain County and live at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. If you are currently a HEAP or PIPP participant, you are qualified. You must also own the appliance(s) and have at least 12 months electrical service in your name. You will be asked to provide your most current electric bill as well as proof of income for everyone in the household 18 or older for the last 90 days. (HEAP/PIPP application information can be used if it is less than a year old.) LCCAA will also need a photo ID.

Community Connections is a partnership between Ohio Edison and LCCAA. The program also offers energy efficient light bulbs for all fixtures in the client's home.

To learn more or apply, contact Robert McDonald, Client Services Specialist at 440-204-3151 or Or click here.