Car Program Right On Time

posted 8/8/22 -- “I needed this car. I’m glad it came through when it did.”

Darlene Shreffler completed LCCAA’s By Car program with her purchase of a 2008 Ford Edge from Certified Auto Sales in Lorain. By Car matches earned income to help participants buy a car for transportation to work or school.

Darlene, a lifelong resident of Elyria, learned about the program through its partnership with OhioMeansJobs Lorain County. She went to OMJ for resume creation and other help. Pairing the By Car program with OMJ’s services is perfect, she added.

“OMJ is really a good resource for people coming off the pandemic,” she said. “It really helps you get job ready. For somebody who’s willing to look for a job and needs a car, it’s a really good program.”

By Car matches savings at a rate of 3 to 1 for qualifying participants. LCCAA’s partnership with OMJ has raised the maximum match to $6,000. OMJ also funds the first year of insurance.

Darlene plans to use her car to look for a better paying job as well as care for her adult daughter who has disabilities. She has already recommended the program to her friends.

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