Participant Wants to Spread Financial Knowledge

posted 8/2/22 -- Ashley Friend hopes to share the knowledge she gained participating in LCCAA’s By Car program.

“I want them to know about it, especially my little sister,” she said. “I wish I would have known more about credit.”

By Car clients must complete a financial literacy class before they can purchase their car. The class often leaves a deep impression on participants like Ashley, who asked for materials to share with others.

Four and a half years ago, Ashley moved to Lorain from Solon, where public transportation was common. The car she had at the time eventually wore out, she said. She now relies on her mom, boyfriend or Uber to get to her job in sales and looks forward to having her own car again.

By Car allows clients to save earned income toward the purchase of a used vehicle. Savings are matched 3 to 1 and, in partnership with OhioMeansJobs Lorain County, the match ceiling is $6,000.

Ashley’s savings are nearly complete and she is searching for the right car for her. Her first stop will likely be something many people take for granted: taking her 10-year-old son to school. Also thanks to the OMJ partnership, Ashley will have her first year of insurance funded by the program.

“I’m really happy that you have this program,” she said.

Learn more about By Car and apply today.