Head Start Champion Rejoins Board

posted 3/10/21 -- Lorain native and Head Start champion Reggie Cremeans has rejoined the LCCAA Board of Directors.

Cremeans credits the LCCAA Head Start program, which his son Ezekiel attended, with helping him find a sense of purpose.

“It was through watching him learn and grow that I learned how to grow also,” he said. “Head Start didn’t just help my son and family but it showed me a path where I was able to give back and make a difference as well.”

Cremeans volunteered with LCCAA Head Start for five years, serving two years as President of the Parent Policy Council, which also includes a seat on the LCCAA Board of Directors. After finishing his terms on Policy Council, he became a Head Start Ambassador, taking the message of the program to members of Congress in Washington D.C.

He also serves on the board of the new Barb Haxton Foundation. Haxton is the long time executive director of the Ohio Head Start Association. The foundation plans to provide community service projects throughout the state “to provide and inspire a growing nature.”

Cremeans works as an Ohio Certified Peer Recovery Supporter with Let’s Get Real, Inc. in Lorain. They provide support to those recovering from addictions including connecting them with treatment providers and providing transportation.

“Everyone who works as a Peer Supporter is a person in recovery and therefore better able to relate to those we serve,” he said. “I could not be more proud to serve our communities through these organizations. I can think of no better way to give back after all I received.”

Cremeans represents the Low Income Sector on LCCAA’s Board. By law, the board must be composed of an equal number of representatives from the Public Sector (usually elected officials or their designees), the Private Sector (business people) and the Low Income Sector (people living in poverty or those serving them).