Virtual Learning Tips for Parents

posted 12/30/20 -- Set a consistent schedule that works for your family to work on skills, watch lessons presented by your child’s teacher on ClassTag, review Ready Rosie videos, read a story, etc.

Make sure you have any materials necessary to complete all assignments. Art supplies and materials were sent home for each child, as well as a music kit to participate in activities.

Keep in mind that it’s about the child, not the work. Children are just developing skills and it’s more about the learning process, not the finished product.

Identify the barriers that may hinder the learning experience. Is it technology, supplies, or materials? Please reach out to your child’s teacher, family service worker or home visitor so we can assist you.

PLAY at this age is considered children’s work. Hands-on learning experiences, exploring objects, and developing new skills through daily routines are all important parts of daily learning.