Star Service Aims to Increase Help to Clients

posted 9/17/20 -- Do you know all of the programs and services offered here at Lorain County Community Action Agency?

Community and program assessments have repeatedly shown that customers do not know about all the ways LCCAA can help them. To combat that, LCCAA created Star Service.

The Star Service model makes it easier to share information about programs and services as well as internally transfer clients from one program to another.

“In many ways, we have been putting the burden of obtaining our services on our customers,” President and CEO Jackie Boehnlien said. “Internal transfers make learning about our programs and services easier.”

Star Service is designed to make sure LCCAA deeply meets the diverse needs of every household seeking help. The goal to offer every customer or household at least five services, Boehnlein added.

The goal for the agency as a whole is at least 60 Star Service referrals every month.