Get Counted in the 2020 Census

posted 3/24/20 -- A special note from Jackie Boehnlein, LCCAA President & CEO:

I just got counted in the 2020 Census! It was so easy. I went online. The instructions said it would take me ten minutes. I was done in eight.

The online version is simple. It worked like a charm. It even gave me a confirmation number once I hit "submit." I do like the warm and fuzzy feeling of a confirmation number and knowing the system worked right.

It is so important we all get counted. There are no children in my household. If there are children that live with you, we need you to include them in your Census response. The children do not have to be related to you. Think about it in terms of where children sleep most often. That is the household that should count them. If you are not sure or custody is shared equally, count them where they will sleep on April 1.

Children are the most under-counted group in the Census. They need the services that the federal government funds for them. The Census informs where the funding goes. Getting our children counted means we get the funding needed for food, medical, wellness, and education our children need in Lorain County.

Let's all get counted. Every response matters.