Find Out How Your Child's Day Really Was

posted 2/14/20 -- Do you find yourself asking your children, “How was school today?” and every day getting an answer like “fine” or “good,” which doesn’t tell you a whole lot about their school experience? Don’t worry, this type of exchange is going on in households all over the world.

In order to get more information about your child’s school experience, you have to change how you ask questions. Here are some alternative questions to ask to get the type of responses you want:

1. Tell me about the best part of your day.

2. How did you help somebody today?

3. Tell me about a story you read in class.

4. Who did you play with today? What did you play?

5. What was your favorite part of breakfast, lunch, or snack?

6. Tell me something that made you laugh today.

7. Show me something you learned today at school.

8. What is your favorite area in the classroom to play? Why is this your favorite?

9. Were there any moments today when you felt worried (happy/sad/scared)?

10. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

By changing your questions, you will elicit more than a one-word response, foster your child’s communication and language skills and have a better understanding of their school experience.