Head Start to Try Kidney Beans

posted 2/12/20 -- Kidney beans are an inexpensive legume with substantial nutritional and health benefits. Adding them to your meals is an easy way to boost both protein and fiber intake.

As part of LCCAA Head Start's ongoing Try Day program, students will try kidney beans this week.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18 all classrooms in our directly operated centers will be provided some dried kidney beans to use for classroom exploration.

On Thursday, Feb. 20 parents and students will be able to try kidney bean dip during drop off at Griswold. Tasting during drop off at Hopkins-Locke will take place Friday, Feb. 21.

Also on Friday, all directly operated classrooms will get tortilla chips and kidney bean dip for their afternoon snack.

The Try Day program is funded by a grant from the Black River Foundation.