What to Expect at a Home Visit

posted 10/2/19 -- LCCAA Head Start's directly operated centers close for a few days each year so teachers and staff can visit students at home.

These visits forge strong partnerships with parents. Now that the school year is underway, family service workers will contact parents to schedule home visits. In addition to teachers who primarily focus on child development, social service visits are also offered to all Head Start and Early Head Start families.

Family service workers offer home visits because parents often feel more relaxed and comfortable at home, making it easier to address family needs and well-being as well as discussing goals and aspirations. These visits are great opportunities for staff to share community resources, follow-up on registration paperwork, address health and attendance concerns, discuss program procedures, mention volunteer opportunities, and share center event dates.

Parents do not need to wait to hear from their family service worker, however. Any parent with questions about the program, paperwork or community assistance should contact their family service worker at any time.

Teachers are scheduling home visits for Mondays, October 7 and 21. Parents and teachers will have the opportunity to discuss student screenings, developmental progress, kindergarten readiness and classroom observations. Home visits provide positive communication and contact that support the student and family. Visits can also be conducted outside of the home for the comfort of the family.