Community Connections Can Lower Bills

posted 8/13/19 -- Are you throwing away food because your refrigerator isn't working properly? Living in the dark because you can't afford light bulbs? LCCAA's Community Connections Program might be the answer.

Ohio Edison and LCCAA have partnered to offer customers energy assessments on refrigerators and freezers. If necessary, the Community Connections Program replaces the appliances. The program also offers energy efficient light bulbs for all fixtures in the client's home.

Ramona Montanez of Lorain said she was throwing away lettuce and eggs because her refrigerator was freezing them. She also had some light fixtures in her home that were without bulbs, she said.

"It gets really hard without these resources," Montanez said, noting her fixed income. "I am thankful."

To be eligible, clients must reside in Lorain County and live at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. Current HEAP or PIPP participants are qualified. Clients must also own the appliances and have at least 12 months of electrical service in their name.

Learn more and find out if you qualify by contacting Client Services Coordinator Colette Park at or 440-204-3151.