Head Start Full of Lifelong Learners

posted 8/10/18 -- LCCAA's Deanna Gregg believes in continuing to move forward.

While working full-time and raising two children, Deanna has completed her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education through the University of Cincinnati.

"There were a lot of obstacles," she said, "but I just kept going."

Deanna started college after graduating from high school in 1988. After trying general studies and nursing, she found her niche in Early Childhood Education.

When she started with LCCAA 10 years ago, she held two associate's degrees. Although life continued to interrupt her, Deanna did not give up, taking at least one class every year and enjoying the light bulbs that continued to go off for her. Her most eye-opening classes related to culture and diversity as well as working with disabilities.

"It really helped me to understand and relate to families," she said. "I use my knowledge and experience to support families, friends and myself, this is our mission and I truly believe in the cause."

LCCAA offers tuition reimbursement for employees to maintain their love of learning as well as their credentials, said Human Resources Director Carla Rodriguez.

"Deanna is a great example of what the reimbursement program makes possible for our employees," Rodriguez said. "Her determination is an inspiration to her colleagues and the children and families she works with."

Deanna is the Head Start Collaborative Site Administrator overseeing classrooms around the county housed in partner facilities. She is a lifelong resident of Lorain and, although she plans a break, she's not done taking classes and would love to learn sign language.

"I do want to go back and finish my master's," she said. "There is more out there than we think."

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