Home Bound Residents Receive PIPP, HEAP Assistance

posted 8/10/18 -- As if high utility bills and a heat wave weren't enough, some residents of Lorain County cannot get the help they need on their own.

LCCAA has partnered with the Lorain County Office on Aging to serve home bound residents.

In July, 32 people received help via traveling social worker Stacy Pennell who processed their Summer Crisis or PIPP applications while visiting them in their homes.

"These are people who are in their medical bed in their living room," Pennell said. "They almost feel like they've won the lottery. They are so grateful."

Previously, Pennell has collected affidavits from home bound residents and been able to keep utility assistance appointments for them. Processing them during her visits is much faster and more convenient for all.

"This collaboration is such a blessing for our clients," said Community Service Specialist Cindy Hicks. "These barriers are real and we are doing everything we can to break through them and help people."

Currently, LCCAA is administering the Summer Crisis Program which provides bill paying assistance for people who are 60 or better or have a documented medical condition made worse by extreme heat.

Many of those 60 or older are also clients of the Office on Aging. And most are unaware of all the benefits they qualify for.

"It's been a win-win because I would say about a third of the clients I've processed for Community Action I've been able to link to other services," Pennell said.

In just the first nine days of August, Pennell processed another 15 clients. The collaboration will continue year round with visits to help client reverify their income for their PIPP payments and into the Winter Crisis Program, she added.

All clients seen by Pennell are referred by LCCAA. If you or someone you know cannot get to the office to receive help, call440-245-1870.

Appointment slots are full for the remaining weeks of Summer Crisis. However, many hours are available for walk-ins. Click here for a complete list of hours and locations.