Program Replaces Refrigerators

posted 6/6/18 -- In 2012 the world’s oldest independent scientific academy, Royal Society, sought to determine the most important invention in the history of food. Some of the top contenders were irrigation, the knife, and canning. But the winner is something you have in your home right now.

Your refrigerator, the same one that keeps your juice cold and helps you cultivate strange growths on leftovers is most important invention in the history of food.

Just ask Theresa Duprey how essential a properly working refrigerator can be.

“My stomach would get butterflies,” the Lorain resident said of wondering whether her groceries would last. “I would only have milk for one day. Meat wasn’t freezing so it would go bad. My disability check comes once a month, it was hard to shop like that.”

When she found out she qualified for LCCAA’s Community Connections program, a great worry was lifted.

“When Bob from LCCAA called, he was as excited as I was. It was a wonderful experience,” she said. “Now I can go shopping and the food will last for a whole month!”

Another program recipient, Vermilion resident Jodie Szivan, said, “We are so grateful for this program and that Community Action is there to help people. We were amazed by LCCAA’s attitude.”

Community Connections is a partnership between LCCAA and Ohio Edison designed to help low-income families keep their utility costs low. LCCAA conducts energy assessments on refrigerators and freezers and the partnership replaces appliances as appropriate. The program also offers energy efficient light bulbs for all fixtures in the client’s home.

To see if you or someone you know could benefit from this program, click here, or contact Robert McDonald, Client Services Specialist at 440-204-3401 or email