Head Start Wraps Year with Family Fun Day

posted 6/4/18 -- LCCAA Head Start Bridging Ceremonies have concluded. Certificates have been handed out. Pictures with family members have been taken. Laughter and smiles are soon to begin filling the summer air in your neighborhood like the smell of freshly cut grass.

Before the children and parents say the final “good bye” of the school year to their teachers, LCCAA Head Start hosted a final community building event for students and families.

Each center had its own unique spin on Family Fun Day.

At the southern tip of the county, in Wellington, families gathered at a small bowling alley off State Route 18. Outside children rushed through the parking lot and into the building as moms and dad tried desperately to keep up. Inside one of the students stood and greeted his friends with hugs and “hellos” as they entered the Strikeout Lanes bowling alley.

Teachers and staff worked together to make sure each child had a safe and fun time. One dad walked around giving tips to the students and helping those that needed help. A Mom made sure she had pictures of her child with all his friends. And the children struggled with the internal debate of “do I want to use an orange bowling ball or a pink bowling ball?”

At the same time this was going on, in Elyria, there was a carnival atmosphere at the LCCAA Head Start center on Griswold Road. From the road you could see children lining up for multiple activities.

In the parking lot, LifeCare’s Andy the Ambulance performed spins and wheelies, much to the delight of the kids. Bubbles from a bubble machine overwhelmed the entrance of the building as boys and girls jumped into the air to try to grasp the bubbles that floated above. Giggles and smiles greeted anyone walking into the building.

Inside, faces were painted like superheroes. Balloon animals were running wild. Spirited cornhole games were taking place. Parents laughed as they told stories to each other while enjoying lunch.

In Lorain, at LCCAA Head Start Hopkins-Locke center a DJ played a mix of new hits and old hits. Teachers hosted amusement park style games. Children tried to bounce ping pong balls into fish bowls, debated who had the better face paint, and danced until they couldn’t dance anymore. A Lorain police officer even joined in the dancing as chuckling teachers shared stories.

As Family Fun Day drew to a close, younger children began to nuzzle their heads into their parents or grandparents shoulders. The older children continued dancing and bowling until it was time to leave. Teachers cleaned up and said their goodbyes to the students. And at the end of the day, another successful year had been completed.

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