Partnerships Extend Agency Reach

posted 6/2/18 -- Lorain County Community Action Agency (LCCAA) has been building relationships in Lorain County for more than 50 years. These collaborative efforts allow LCCAA and all the agencies to have a greater impact on our community and serve as many individuals and families as possible.

Recently LCCAA was a pivotal partner in two major events in Lorain County: Safe Summer Kickoff (SSKO) and Lorain Better Block.

Safe Summer Kickoff, a project of the Lorain County Bridges Out of Poverty Collaborative is designed to ensure our youth have a safe and fun summer. The event hosted hundreds and hundreds of individuals. During the event nearly 500 bicycle helmets were given out to children.

“This brings families together,” said Mike Mathes, a father of two. “I enjoy the safety part of this and that they are doing things for the kids and the community.”

An overwhelming sea of smiling faces of children were lined up in each room, some were receiving their bicycle helmets, some were fingering through the clothing pantry, some were dancing in line as they prepared to receive their safety IDs from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department. Many were lining up with curious looks on their faces at LCCAA’s booth which featured healthy meals from New York Times bestseller “Good and Cheap, Eat Well on $4 a Day.” The book features recipes for healthy, affordable meals, and LCCAA handed them out to interested children and their parents.

Events like these and collaborations like these are important because organizations can extend their reach out into the community.

“Safe Summer Kick Off is exciting because we get to reach those who we don’t normally get to reach, those who are out of our circle,” said Colette Park who was representing WE3 (Women Empowered Educated and Employed).

LCCAA Head Start Alumnus and student at Ohio Business College Medical Assistant Program Royetta Fields said, “These events really bring people together…and it is important to teach kids about health.”

Ohio Business College Lead Financial Services Administrator Christine Todd added, “This gives immediate help. We help with getting phones to help get jobs and childcare in the summertime. We see immediate benefits.”

Better Block took place in downtown Lorain between 5th and 8th streets or between LCCAA’s former offices at 506 Broadway and its current office at 936 Broadway.

Business leaders and community members came together to show what Lorain has to offer. LCCAA had a booth set up and a social media presence to inform Lorain Better Block patrons of all the hard work and good that LCCAA does to improve the community.

Better block is a global movement that gives communities a chance to test and promote new ideas that can improve their block. Learn more about Better Block at

Lorain Better Block and Safe Summer Kick Off are just two examples of what can be accomplished when organizations come together to serve and empower community members.

For photos and videos from both events, please visit our Facebook page.