Community Connections Provides Enlightenment

posted 4/25/18 -- Mary is a Lorain County resident who loves her family, her home and “Little Boy," her family’s blind 22 year old cat.

“He mostly stays upstairs because we try to keep a light on up there so he can see” Mary said lovingly about her photo shy black cat, who came to investigate the new visitor to his house, LCCAA’s Energy Efficiency Auditor.

The auditor checked Mary’s lightbulbs and refrigerator. He found the lightbulbs were using so much energy they were hot to the touch from being overworked.

Meanwhile, Mary’s refrigerator was very inefficient, as evidenced by the mildew built up around a seal that was leaking and allowing moisture to seep in.

“That isn’t a surprise. We have had that since the 1990s and it hasn’t had a day off since,” Mary said with a chuckle. “We can’t afford a new one, so we will probably have to borrow money to purchase a fridge.”

Mary became anxious about the expense which would be hard to absorb on her fixed income. “Maybe I can find a dented fridge at the store,” she thought out loud.

Mary relaxed and rejoiced when the auditor told her she qualified for a new, energy efficient refrigerator through LCCAA Community Connections program in cooperation with Ohio Edison. The program is designed to replace inefficient appliances and fixtures to lower household energy costs.

“Oh my! I can’t wait!” Mary exclaimed. “This is so nice. Our blind cat needed lights, and now has them… This was an enlightening experience.”

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