Tech Connect Class Attracts Determined Students

posted 3/8/18 -- “Computers were like a big fat puzzle and now I solved it!” Helen Lopez is among the most recent graduates of LCCAA’s highly successful Tech Connect Program.

LCCAA has partnered with Ohio Means Jobs Lorain County to hold the 8-session class designed to erase barriers to employment. Students learn general computer knowledge as well as Microsoft Office. They learn how to write a resume and cover letter and apply for jobs online.

Each student in this session had specific motivations but all were seeking to improve their employment prospects.

“I know how to poke around on Google, but I want to learn how to get a job,” said one student on the first day of class.

“I get really frustrated and want to blame the computer but I know it’s the operator,” another said.

“It would be cool to make my own resume,” a bashful voice mumbled.

“I’ll just be happy if I learn how to turn the computer on,” a man said with a laugh.

And from the back of the room, a determined Helen Lopez said “I just want to get a job.”

After completing the course, Ms. Lopez joyfully held up her certificate.

“This was excellent. I’m 65 years old and retired. I need to have some money but cannot work in industry anymore because of my age so I needed to learn about computers,” she said. “I didn’t know anything. Now I know about the mechanisms of a computer and how it works, I know how to make a resume, use Excel, PowerPoint, all the stuff I need to work in an office.”


Instructor Arun Singh typically receives rave reviews for leading a fun, easy-going classroom.

Tabitha Morgan even said “I wish we had more time with him. He is a fun teacher. I wanted to learn how to make a resume, I’ve never had one before, and now I have one! And I hope it will help me get a job.”

Janice Montgomery, “(the teacher and the Tech Connect class) “They made me feel it is possible for me to use a computer,” said Janice Montgomery. “I think everyone should have to take this class. I did a budget on Excel then thought ‘That’s it? I just did that myself!’

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Tech Connect Class, there will be new classes starting April 2nd at the LCCAA Computer Lab 506 Broadway. If you attend all 8 classes of this two week program you will receive a free refurbished computer at the end of the program.

To register for training please contact Elyria YWCA via Alexis Clark-Amison (440) 322-6308, email or LCCAA via Bob McDonald (440) 204-3151, email