Students Meet Local Helpers During Safety Day

posted 3/8/18 -- LCCAA Head Starts throughout Lorain County recently hosted local heroes to teach students about the men and women who work to keep them safe.

Members of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department, Lorain Police and Fire Departments, Lifecare Ambulance and Red Cross spoke to the students and their parents.

Head Start Family Service Worker Terri Arnold gave credit for the event to Head Start families, one of whom recently lost a home to a fire.

“As parents began to discuss different situations that Head Start children have experienced or might experience, they rallied around the idea of Safety Day,” she said.

“Safety Day is exciting because our kids get to meet cops and firemen,” said parent Santos Ramos. “We teach stranger danger but we also want them to know (police, firemen, ambulance personnel) are nice…it is good to hear from them.”

A firefighter from Lorain put on all of his equipment a piece at a time to show the children he is still a helper, even if his equipment may look scary.

Deputy Eric Denman created photo ID cards for children with information including height and weight to keep on file in case of an emergency.

Parent Delvin Lopez enjoyed the interaction between the children and the police. “I like this because the little ones learn about the police and the importance of them.”

Parent Stacey Russ added, “These ID cards are good for the children to have on file, for safety.”

One of the biggest attractions was Lifecare’s Andy the Ambulance, a robotic miniature ambulance that talks and does tricks for the children. Andy the Ambulance is operated by Andrew (no relation) Lawrae. Andrew the operator sees the value in taking Andy the Ambulance around the community. “It is fun for the kids to interact withAndy, he helps familiarize the kids with emergency services,” he said.

Lorain City Schools Resource Officer Dave Kusznir agreed.

“This is important to do because we educate the children on what to do and what we’re all about,” Kusznir said. “This lets them know we are friends in times of need. We are there to help.”