Central Plaza FSA Earns Credential

posted 5/31/24 -- Jordyn Henry always knew she wanted to work in a rewarding career that involved helping people and giving back to her community. She found just that at LCCAA’s Central Plaza Head Start Center.

Jordyn is among the nearly two dozen LCCAA Head Start staff members who have earned their Child Development Associate credential this past school year. She is in her second year as a Family Services Associate with the program.

“I truly believe that I was meant to have this career and I consider myself lucky to do the work that I do with the people that I work with,” she said. “I feel like the knowledge that I gained is very helpful to not only myself but the team that I am a part of because I have now enriched the role that I play and the support that I can give to my teachers and classroom staff.”

Jordyn wasn’t familiar with Head Start before moving to Lorain County from Richland County a few years ago. However, her partner and his siblings are Head Start alumni and her mother-in-law was a policy council representative for their program in Michigan about 20 years ago, she said.

She added that balancing the course work with her job was difficult but strengthened her.

“It has shown me how beneficial it can be to work with the children of the families that we serve to strengthen our relationships with their care takers,” she said. “Sharing classroom experiences with our parents and guardians creates avenues and opportunities for stronger bonds and trust.”