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Lorain County Community Action Agency

LCCAA helps Lorain County residents in need. Our
programs alleviate poverty and empower those we serve.
Our work strengthens and builds community.


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Emergency Home Repair

There is nothing else in Lorain County like LCCAA's Emergency Home Repair Program.  In 2012, the expanded program has helped complete repairs on 55 homes.  The program is designed to improve safety and health conditions in homes owned by income-eligible persons.

Focused on health and safety issues as well as code violations, the program replaces or repairs roofs, windows, electrical systems, plumbing, and heating systems.  Wheelchair ramps and other access improvements are also installed.

As a matching grant program, homeowners are required to contribute 33 cents for every dollar awarded.  The maximum award is $2,666. LCCAA holds the homeowners funds until the work is completed by one of three qualified estimators contacted by the homeowner.  LCCAA requires contractors to provide proof of licensure and encourages clients to check references.  LCCAA does not issue payment until the homeowner is satisfied with the work.

By Car

By Car is funded by the Ohio Finance Fund and matches a client's savings 2 to 1 up to a total of $3,999 to help them purchase a vehicle.  Participants take financial literacy courses as well as learning the costs of owning a vehicle and its proper maintenance. 

Income Requirements
The income eligibility requirements are based on family size and total family income. Participants must meet 80% of HUD Area Median Income guidelines for Lorain County area as shown below:

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Maximum Income $35,700 $40,800 $45,900 $50,950 $55,050 $59,150 $63,200

* Above are income limits for 2012 - subject to change upon notice.

Other Eligibilty Requirements
There are other requirements that must be met in addition to the income requirements to be eligible for participation in the LCCAA By Car Program. To be eligible the applicant must:

  • Be employed or seeking employment or
  • Be enrolled in a training or education program
  • Complete an intake and credit assessment
  • Complete both a credit and budgeting seminar
  • Agree to open a savings account
  • Adhere to the policy of the Individual Development Account (IDA) savings plan
  • Consent to attend monthly account screenings
  • Commit to owning the vehicle for no less than six months
  • Agree to abide by the program requirements
  • Attend a post purchase appointment within 60 days of purchasing vehicle


List of Documentation: When Applicable:
Ohio Driver's License Credit Clinic Certificate
Two Most Recent Paystubs Financial Literacy Training Certificate
Most Recent W2s Copy of Purchase Agreement
Proof of Other Forms of Income By Car-Car Buying/Car Caring Training Certificate
Income Taxes for Most Recent Year Copy of Car Insurance
Current Bills (Utilities and Debt) Copy of Vehicle Title

Can Be:

  • Employment
  • Self-employment
  • Social security
  • A combination of any of these

2. Mandatory monthly savings

Participants are required to make regular monthly deposits to grow their accounts

3. Mandatory attendance at monthly financial education classes

Participants will be required to attend a series of financial education classes. IDA participants will gain knowledge and participate in interactive learning, and networking.

4. Mandatory asset development counseling

All participants will be required to meet with a program counselor in order to develop and maintain a personalized asset development plan (includes asset goal, budget, and timeline).



1. Household Income

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Emergency Home Repair call 440-204-3155 ext. 5
By Car Program call 440-204-3138


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By Car Application

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