A special component of HEAP is the Summer Crisis Program (SCP). The SCP assists eligible families with their electric bill and/or the purchase of air conditioners. The Summer Crisis Program operates from July 1st  through August 31st. Below are frequently asked questions about the Summer Cooling Program.

Summer Cooling Assistance Program FAQs

Who qualifies for the program?
The program will provide cooling assistance to households with incomes up to 175% of the 2013 Federal Poverty Guidelines, and with a member age 60 or older, or with a documented, qualifying medical condition.Click here to use our Eligibility Calculator
Can I receive assistance on my electric bill and receive an air conditioner?
Eligible households may qualify for one or a combination of benefits, namely, a one-time payment on their electric bill, and/or an air conditioner, not to exceed a total benefits balance of $175. Special rules apply to rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities.
If I received an air conditioner in the last 3 years, can I apply to receive another?
No, if you received an air condition in the last three years you do not qualify to receive another. If you received an air conditioner before this time, you may apply. 
What qualifies as a “medical condition” and what documentation do I need to bring from my doctor?
Customers with a medical condition classified as CHRONIC by a licensed physician or registered nurse practitioner must submit medical documentation from the licensed physician or registered nurse practitioner. For others with a medical condition, an OCA approved Medical Eligibility Form issued no more than 30 days prior to the date of the appointment must be provided. The Form should state, “Due to an illness, this client would benefit from continued electric service or air conditioner.”
What documents do I need in order to apply for Summer Cooling Program assistance?
*Social Security cards of all household members, birth certificate for main applicant
*Gas and Electric utility bills (Must be under your name)
*Income proof for the past 90 days (3 months)  such as all check-stubs (last 13 stubs if paid weekly; last 7 stubs if paid bi-weekly), payroll printout, utility checks,  food stamps case number, cash allowance, SSI, SSDI, Social Security, Pension, No-Income certification, self-employment income (must be notarized), and child support (pending, receiving, or not receiving; printout must be dated within 7 days of visit)
*Medical statement from your Doctor or if there is a senior 60, or over, in the household they must provide their birth certificate or Driver’s License
*If your Electric bill amount due exceeds $175 you must pay the difference first before coming in to apply for assistance
*If your service if off, you must pay the reconnection fee and the difference for the $175, bring in the receipt, and provide a lease agreement or proof of home ownership.
How do I make an appointment?
Call the toll free to 1-855-806-9620 to schedule an appointment.
Can I walk in and apply for the program without an appointment?
Lorain location walk-ins are handled on a first come – first serve basis during morning hours only.
Wellington location walk-ins are handled on a first come – first serve basis during afternoon hours only.