Recruitment Getting a Head Start

posted 1/28/13 -- Lorain County parents interested in enrolling their children in Head Start will need to act earlier in 2013 than ever before. Agency employees will begin accepting applications next month and anticipate a waiting list for slots for the program beginning in September 2013. "We expect to be nearly full before the current school year ends," said CEO Jackie Boehnlein. "Parents who want to enroll their children need to act as soon as possible to guarantee a slot."  

Boehnlein explained the agency has moved its enrollment process to earlier in the year to allow for better planning before the school year begins. Staff members will be able to complete student paperwork over the summer on the new schedule, so that the new school year can begin without focusing on registration issues."Ultimately, we will be able to provide even better services to Head Start families," Boehnlein added. 

When the registration process opens in February it will include an option to apply online. While the application has been posted online to print for several years, this year it will be fully interactive for families. No more printing, no more faxing, just enter the family data and hit submit.

For more information, watch or contact any LCCAA employee.