Head Start Teaches Nutrition

posted 12/15/16 -- Students at Hamilton Head Start recently became Taste Test Heroes for trying new foods in their classrooms.

Kale salad with Caesar dressing was on the menu at the end of November and many students were reluctant to try it, said Health and Nutrition Manager Rebecca Rodriguez.

"That's when the teachers asked who wanted to be a Taste Test Hero and get their picture taken trying kale," Rodriguez said. "Several took the challenge and we think some will ask to be served kale next time!"

"We even had a dad who was so impressed that his children were eating the kale that he took the challenge and tried it. He was pleasantly surprised," she added.

Declaring heroes is just one technique to encourage children to try new foods like kale, a dark green leafy vegetable rich in vitamins and fiber.

The recipe tried in this case was adapted from Good a Cheap, a cookbook Rodriguez recommends for those on a tight budget. A free download of the book is available at author Leanne Brown's website. Click here for a copy.