Emergency Home Repair

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LCCAA makes matching grant funds available for qualified individuals to pay for emergency home repairs. Income eligible families are required to provide a match of 33 cents for every dollar awarded with an award cap of $3,350.

  •  Homeowner's cash
  • Documented funds from other public and private programs (such as benevolence funds and various home improvement loans)

Eligible repairs may include:

  • Code Violations If the household has a code violation from the city building department the repairs can be completed at no cost to the home owner.
  • Exterior Structural Defects - missing porch handrails, sagging porch steps, missing or broken floor boards or decking, replace gutters, broken glass, and mobile home skirting
  • Furnance - clean and tune, duct cleaning and furnance replacement
  • Handicap Accessibility Improvements - ramps, door-widening and installation of safety bars
  • Plumbing - leaking or broken sinks, toilets, faucets, garbage disposals, water heater replacements and gas leaks
  • Septic Systems - blocked, leaking or non-working septic systems
  • Small Electrical Hazards - non-working and overheating lights, outlets and switches

This program collaborates with the city building departments to help identified individuals make necessary repairs to their properties that they might not otherwise afford.


Based on household size and income, the homeowner is required to pay a portion of the project on repairs. The amount  the homeowner puts in is their required "match" to qualify for the assistance. The source of the matching funds may include:

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Program Guidelines

The following guidelines are used in administering the program:

  • The property must be located in Lorain County
  • Applicant must obtain 3 written estimates
  • Repair work must be invoiced for payment directly to contractor or supplier
  • Assistance is restricted to once every 24 months for each home
  • Applicants must be owner-occupants
  • The homeowner must be income eligible according to household size
  • Income may be calculated as the last 12 months or last 3 months - whichever works in the homeowner's favor


Family Size

125% of 2012 Federal 

Poverty Guidelines


1 $13,963  
2 $18,913  
3 $23,863  
4 $28,813  
5 $33,763  
6 $38,713  
7 $43,663  
8 $48,613  

If income is at or below the amount listed for the family size,
the match requirement is...

33 cents for every Dollar awarded  
Maximum grant amount for this income level is... $3,350  

Funds are not released until all work is complete. LCCAA reserves the right to inspect work to verifty services have been rendered.

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of ownership - copy of deed or property tax receipt
  • Proof of income - paystubs or appropriate documentation for total household income for the last year for everyone in the household 18 years old or above
  • Utilities - current gas bill, current electric bill and current water bill
  • Proof of residency - valid driver's license or state identification card


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Housing Services Department
506 Broadway Avenue, 2nd Floor
Lorain, Ohio  44052
(440) 204-3155, option 4
FAX (440) 245-3085
Hours:  8am - 5pm Tuesday & Wednesday
8am - 11am Thursday


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Emergency Home Repair Brochure

Emergency Home Repair Application

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