LCCAA Collaborates on 'Rising Titans'

posted 2/2/17 -- Titans will rise in Lorain thanks to a new collaborative that includes Lorain County Community Action Agency, Lorain City Schools and United Way of Lorain County.

LCCAA helped develop four pillars of early learning success and prepare Lorain children for Kindergarten: parent engagement, family empowerment, healthy children and resources for providers.

Poverty is known to have a big impact on Lorain children and approximately 30 percent of Lorain children never attend a formal preschool program.

"The formative years of a child's life have everything to do with school readiness, achievement levels, and later success," said LCCAA President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein.

"We know that starting early means finishing well and we are thrilled to be part of Rising Titans, which has already improved services for families in the City of Lorain."

The long-term vision of Rising Titans is a community where families have access to the tools they need for kindergarten readiness, Parent Advisory Committees help shape the process, all children entering kindergarten have comprehensive health screenings and immunizations, homecare providers are integrated with formal early-learning centers through professional development and coordinated services, and new services are added that eliminate any new barriers to early learning success.

Other partners in the collaborative include: Lorain County Community College, Little Lighthouse Learning Center and Neighborhood Alliance.

United Way of Lorain County

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