By Car Program 2013

posted 2/8/13 -- LCCAA has again received approval from the Ohio Finance Fund to operate the highly successful By Car program in 2013.

Under the program, eligible clients save their earned income toward a vehicle purchase. The grant from the Ohio Finance Fund matches their savings 2 to 1 up to a total of $3,999. Participants take financial literacy courses as well as learning the costs of owning a vehicle and its proper maintenance.

LCCAA uses Agency relationships to ensure clients purchase quality used vehicles. Since its inception in February 2009, LCCAA's By Car Program participation has helped more than 20 people purchase vehicles to transport themselves to work and school.

Lisa Thomas (pictured above) was able to receive match funding from LCCAA to purchase a quality used car that she could rely on.  "Lisa was extremely grateful and very excited to be a recipient of the By Car Program", stated Tamaron Wilson the program coordinator. 

For more information on the By Car program contact Tamaron Wilson at 440-204-3138