Rental Assistance Available at El Centro

posted 10/21/15 -- As of October 19, El Centro de Servicios Sociales (“El Centro”) is providing Tenant Based Rental Assistance (“TBRA”) to eligible City of Lorain residents who are homeless and/or at-risk of being homeless utilizing funds afforded to the City of Lorain and provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Investment Partnership Program.

Tenant Selection Criteria for Tenant Based Rental Assistance

1. Tenant(s) must be homeless in one of the following categories. Preference shall be given first to tenants described in “A”; second to tenants described in “B”; third to tenants described in “C”; and last to tenants described in “D”. No other homeless classifications are eligible for TBRA unless all homeless persons on the A, B, and C & D waiting lists have been deemed appropriate to be placed in permanent housing. Written proof of homelessness is required prior to placing the homeless person in housing. Source documentation to establish homelessness is Attachment B of this program description.

A. Preference Category 1: Tenant must be chronically homeless by HUD definition; which is an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has either been continuously homeless for a year or more OR has had at least four (4) episodes of homelessness in the past three (3) years. To be considered chronically homeless a person must have been on the streets or in an emergency shelter, not transitional housing, during these stays;

B. Preference Category 2: An individual and/or family who are at-risk of becoming homeless as defined by HUD’s Criteria for Defining At-Risk of Homelessness.

C. Preference Category 3: Homeless who have been residing in permanent supportive housing and are no longer in need of the intensive services provided in that setting, but need rental assistance to move to an affordable unit.

D. Preference Category 4: Physically disabled persons who have been residing in a nursing home(s) but are being required to move out and are in need of rental assistance to move to an affordable, accessible unit.

Unique to the TBRA program for this year, is the availability of funds to be utilized outside city-limits, (within Lorain County) in the event that participants are unable to locate a suitable unit within the jurisdiction or require housing that places them closer to needed services e.g. employment, childcare, etc.

For additional information on the TBRA program please contact El Centro, via phone at: United Way’s 211 or El Centro de Servicios Sociales (440) 277-8235; or in-person at El Centro de Servicios Sociales, 2800 Pearl Avenue, Lorain, Ohio 44055.