Latest Hires Complete LCCAA Leadership Team

posted 11/20/12 -- Jackie Boehnlein, President and CEO, is pleased to announce the hiring of Martin “Marty” Eggleston and promotion of Carla Rodriguez to the executive positions of Director of Planning and Operations and Director of Communications, respectively.

“Our good fortune to have so many highly qualified individuals apply only made the selection process that much more difficult,” states Boehnlein. “The two individuals selected have much in common; they have deep ties to Head Start and Community Action, thrive on timelines and deadlines, and seek to make a difference for those we serve. With these two placements, all vacancies at the executive level are filled.”

The Board of Directors selected Jackie Boehnlein to become the President and CEO in July of this year and final approvals were received in September. Previously, she had served as Interim President and CEO, Chief Operating Officer/Chief of Staff, and Director of Strategic and Organizational Development at the Agency. Jackie is supported by Mel Mendez, Executive Assistant.

Also in July, Ken Novack was hired as Director of Housing Services. Ken was hired in large part for his strong commitment to quality and customer service.

Having served as Interim Head Start Director for several months, Shauna Matelski was promoted to Head Start Director in December 2011. Shauna’s Head Start experience includes over 17 years working in various management positions in the program. Prior to her promotion, Shauna was responsible for the learning and development components of the program which prepares children for Kindergarten and grade-school success.

Mary Keuper, Finance Director and Chakakhan Abston, Human Resources Director have worked in their current roles for a number of years and share their skills in their key administrative areas.