Simulation Provides Insight Into Life in Poverty

posted 10/25/16 -- Those who serve people in poverty learned more about their daily struggles in a special event sponsored by LCCAA.

Thirty people from schools, social service agencies and non-profit organizations attended Living on the Edge: A Community Action Poverty Simulation on Oct. 7.

Participants were given a scenario to role play with each other and blocks of time (representing weeks) to spend a simulated month living in poverty. Roles include single mothers, their children, unemployed or underemployed workers and those with disabilities.

"Feedback was very positive," said Frank Prihoda, Director of Planning and Community Services. "Many people found the simulation eye-opening."

LCCAA partnered with the Children and Family First Council and Ohio Business College to bring the event to Lorain County. It was facilitated by the Ohio Community Action Training Organization, which serves the entire state.

Another event is planned for next spring.