Youth Workers Start LCCAA Experience

posted 6/28/16 -- Lorain youths participating in an Ohio Means Jobs program are learning job skills and how to support their community with LCCAA this summer.

The nine students in the program have a busy schedule of helping others and hearing from local business people and entrepreneurs.

Last week, they heard from fashion designer Jevon Terance, left, and toured his store and studio.

“They are hearing from and studying the success of local people in business and entrepreneurship,” said LCCAA’s Director of Planning and Community Services Frank Prihoda.

Terance, a Lorain native, brought his talents back to his hometown to inspire others. Although he has been designing for nine years, Terance said he still feels like a beginner in many ways. As one of the few Ohio designers to attend Paris’ famed Fashion Week, he has come a long way from the boy taught to sew by his aunt.

His store on Broadway in Lorain started out as a “pop-up” shop in 2012 but has been going strong for four years. He encouraged youth who are eager to leave the nest to do something for others.

“As a designer, you can’t just be normal,” he said. “You have to be creative and take chances. You have to try. If you move away, bring back something to give back to the community. There are so many beautiful things.”

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