Mission, Vision, Values



To serve and empower Lorain County residents in need.


To be a pillar of hope, building stable foundations and uplifting families and communities through advocacy, education, and collaboration.


Community-We believe that forming partnerships and collaborations that remove barriers, promote wellbeing, and create opportunities for county residents in need gives us purpose.

Communication-We Believe that sharing information in a timely, easy-to-understand way with those directly impacted is a demonstration of our commitment to making a difference.

Effectiveness/Excellence-We believe that our agency and the services we deliver genuinely benefit low-income individuals and families, so we take pride in efficiently making their priorities our priorities.

Integrity-We believe in fair, ethical behavior and fiscal responsibility.

Respect-We believe showing regard for others-which includes celebrating individual strengths and contributions, actively listening to each other, promoting learning and personal development, and trusting in a person's ability to help themselves-is fundamental to the agency fulfilling its mission.

Teamwork-We believe we create positive work environments and make the biggest impact when everyone works together to focus on achieving outstanding results.